Hello World – Mathematica Style

February 6th, 2008 | Categories: general math, math software, mathematica, Wolfram Demonstrations | Tags:

A little while ago I discovered that if you plot the following equation over a certain range then the result is rather surprising.

\light f(x,y)=e^{-x^2-\frac{y^2}{2}} \cos (4 x)+e^{-3 \left((x+0.5)^2+\frac{y^2}{2}\right)}

A lot of people seemed to like this post and quite a few people reproduced the graph on their website so I thought I would revisit it. To allow people to play with this equation I have written a Wolfram Demonstration which was published yesterday; a screen shot is below.


Head over to Wolfram’s site in order to download it (and the source code if you wish). Remember you do not need to have a copy of Mathematica in order to run demonstrations such as this one – the free MathPlayer will do the job nicely.

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