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February 21st, 2024

Part of my role at MathWorks involves supporting academics in the use of their tools.  Every now and then I get involved with co-supervising projects which usually involves some element of assessment.  Ever since the advent of ChatGPT, I have noticed that students like to ‘delve’ into topics a lot more than they used to.  The topics that are being delved into often involve a ‘complex interplay’ of something or maybe there’s reference to an ‘intricate dance’ while the reader is invited to go on a ‘journey’.

Obviously (I hope!) the appearance of such statements cannot be used as a ‘ChatGPT detector’ since it seems that no one can make a viable one without too many false positives or by disadvantaging various groups

I do find it amusing though!  Let’s go on a journey and delve into watching paint dry.


Let’s delve into ‘nothing’ and embark on a journey


Even when stuck in a Traffic Jam, we get to go on a journey. Of course, there is more delving too!


All of the above are interactions with my paid-for ChatGPT 4 account.

Have you noticed this?  Do your students delve into things more than they used to? Let me know on Twitter or LinkedIn.