My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Benchmark Results

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I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 yesterday and, since I’m so interested in compute performance, I ran various benchmarks on it.  Here are the results.

AnTuTu Benchmark Overall score was 35,637.  The screenshot below shows the comparison, given by the App, between my device and the Samsung Galaxy note 2 (my previous phone).

AnTuTu on Note3

Linpack Pro for Android – This was the app I used when I compared mobile phones to 1980s supercomputers back in 2010.  My phone at the time, a HTC Hero, managed just 2.3 Megaflops.  The Samsung Note 3, on the other hand, managed as much as 1074 Mflops. That’s quite an increase over the space of just 3 years!  I found that the results of this app are quite inconsistent with individual runs ranging from 666 to 1074 Mflops.

RgbenchMM – I’ve written about this benchmark, developed by Rahul Garg, before.  It gives more consistent results than Linkpack Pro and my Note 3 managed as much as 4471 Mflops!


  • The device was plugged in to the mains at the time of performing the benchmarks.  I rebooted the device after running each one.
  • There are at least two types of Note 3 in circulation that I know of – a quad core and an octo-core.  According to CPU-Z, mine has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core with a top speed of 2.27 Ghz.
  • Samsung have been accused of benchmark cheating by some.  See, for example, this post from The Register.
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