Parallel programming in Maple

October 26th, 2009 | Categories: Maple, math software, programming | Tags:

Almost every computer you buy these days contains more than one processor core – even my laptop has 2 – and I have access to relatively inexpensive desktops that have as many as 8.  So, it is hardly surprising that I am steadily receiving more and more queries from people interested in making their calculations run over as many simultaneous cores as possible.

The big three Ms of the mathematical software world, Mathematica, Maple and MATLAB, all allow you to explicitly parallelise your own programs (although you have to pay extra if you want to do this in MATLAB without resorting to hand crafted C-code) but parallel programming isn’t easy and so tutorials are invaluable.

Fortunately, Darin Ohashi, a senior kernel developer at Maplesoft has taken the time to write some parallel Maple tutorials for us and he has presented his work as a series of blog posts over at MaplePrime.  Here’s an idex:

If you are interested in parallel programming in Maple then Darin’s posts are a great place to start.

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