17th edition of the Carnival of Mathematics

September 24th, 2007 | Categories: general math | Tags:

While sat in the pub on a damp and grey Friday evening enjoying a few drinks with my friendly neighborhood web-guru, I had the idea of starting a blog with some maths in it. After all, I thought, surely there are not very many blogs all about maths (yes I know that THIS blog has been more about computers than maths so far – but there will be a lot of maths…eventually). I was wrong! Very wrong!

There are LOTS of blogs all about Mathematics and associated subjects and a wonderful tradition has emerged from them all – The Carnivals of Mathematics. The idea is quite simple – a blogger is chosen to be the host of a carnival and then he/she accepts submissions from other bloggers. The host then writes up a blog post which includes a summary of the accepted submissions. The carnivals are a great way of discovering new mathematics and mathematics based blogs and on 21st September the 17th carnival was published over on MathNotations

If the 17 links on this month’s carnival are not enough for you then you can find the locations of all previous carnivals over at carnivalofmathematics.wordpress.com/

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