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On this blog I usually write about Mathematics, Mathematical software, programming and  Linux but one of the reasons for choosing the name ‘Walking Randomly’ was to give me a license to talk about whatever tickled my fancy from time to time.  This is one of those times.

A group of three software developers have got together to try and make a game for the iPhone in 30 days from start to finish and they are blogging their progress over at  Now I don’t have an iPhone and I am unlikely to get one so why am I mentioning this you may wonder?

Collision Detection Example

Well, first of all the development team contains two people I know very well by reputation – Craig Rothwell and ZodTTD.  ZodTTD is a well known developer of emulators for systems such as the Playstation Portable, iPhone and Gp2x whereas Craig is the lead developer of a new, open source handheld system called the Pandora.

The second reason for my interest in this project is that I find this sort of blog inherently fascinating.  A couple of years ago there was a very similar kind of game development blog by a team calling themselves Lightworks Games for a Windows Mobile game called Cavemen.  The resulting game was great fun to play and won several awards and yet the team made very little money from it.

Finally, once this game has been released for the iPhone, it will be ported to the (as yet unreleased) Pandora and that is a machine I am very interested in.  Wolfram Demonstrations in the palm of your hand anyone?

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