A plot gallery for Mathematica 9

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I’m working on a presentation involving Mathematica 9 at the moment and found myself wanting a gallery of all built-in plots using default settings.  Since I couldn’t find such a gallery, I made one myself.  The notebook is available here and includes 99 built-in plots, charts and gauges generated using default settings.  If you hover your mouse over one the plots in the Mathematica notebook, it will display a ToolTip showing usage notes for the function that generated it.

The gallery only includes functions that are fully integrated with Mathematica so doesn’t include things from add-on packages such as StatisticalPlots.

A screenshot of the gallery is below.  I haven’t made an in-browser interactive version due to size.

Mathematica 9 charts

  1. massimo
    January 5th, 2014 at 00:47
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    I really loved this. Thanks!