Scilab 5.1 released

February 18th, 2009 | Categories: math software, Open Source | Tags:

A new version of Scilab was released a few days ago.  Scilab is a free piece of software for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X that allows you to do the kind of numerical calculations that you might otherwise perform with something like MATLAB or Octave.

Version 5.1 is essentially a bug-fix release as far as I can tell – click here for the change-log release notes.

I’d be interested in hearing any user-stories or thoughts concerning Scilab so if you have anything to add then please drop me a comment.

Update: Thanks to Sylvestre in the comments section I can tell you thatthe change log is really here and there is a lot more to this release than I originally thought.  Sorry about that – looks like I haven’t fully shaken off the brain-addling effects of my cold.

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