A Month of Math Software – June 2013

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Welcome to my monthly round-up of news from the world of mathematical software.  As always, thanks to all contributors.  If you have any mathematical software news (releases, blog articles and son on), feel free to contact me.  For details on how to follow Walking Randomly now that Google Reader has died, see this post.

Numerics for .NET

Faster, faster, FASTER!


  • Version 1.0 of TxSSA has been released.  According to the project’s website, “TxSSA is an acronym for Tech-X Corporation Sparse Spectral Approximation. It is a library that has interfaces in C++, C, and MATLAB. It is an implementation of a matrix sparsification algorithm that takes a general real or complex matrix as input and produces a sparse output matrix of the same size. The non-zero entries are chosen to minimize changes to the singular values and singular vectors corresponding to the near null-space. The output matrix is constrained to preserve left and right null-spaces exactly. The sparsity pattern of the output matrix is automatically determined or can be given as input.”

Data and Statistics

  • Stata is a commercial statistics package that’s been around since 1985.  It’s now at version 13 and has a bucket load of new functions and improvements.
  • A new minor release of IDL (Interactive Data Language) from Exelis Visual Information Solutions has been released.  Details of version 8.2.3 can be found here.

Molten Mathematics

Some Freebies

  • SMath studio is a free Mathcad clone developed by Andrey Ivashov.  Recently, Andrey has been releasing nee versions of Smath much more regularly and it is now at version 0.96.4909.  To see what’s been added in June, see the forum posts here and here.
  • Rene Grothmann’s very frequently updated Euler Math Toolbox is now at version 22.8.  As always, Rene’s detailed version log tells you what’s new.

Safe and reliable numerical computing

  • Sollya 4.0 was released earlier this month and is available for download at: http://sollya.gforge.inria.fr/.  According to the developers, “Sollya is both a tool environment and a library for safe floating-point code development. It offers a convenient way to perform computations with multiple precision interval arithmetic. It is particularly targeted to the automatized implementation of mathematical floating-point libraries (libm).”
  • The INTLAB toolbox for MATLAB is now at version 7.1. INTLAB is the MATLAB toolbox for reliable computing and self-validating algorithms.

Pythonic Mathematics

  • Version 5.10 of Sage, the free Computer Algebra System based on Python, was released on 17th June.  Martin Albrect discusses some of his favourite new goodies over at his blog and the full list of new stuff is on the Sage changelog.
  • Pandas is Python’s main data analysis library and version 0.12 is out.  Take a look at the newness here.
  1. Joao
    July 2nd, 2013 at 18:39
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    Pandas 0.12 is not out yet. The version that is linked is marked as development.

  2. Mike Croucher
    July 3rd, 2013 at 19:15
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    oops! Sorry about that

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