Carnival of Maths – submissions needed

December 23rd, 2008 | Categories: general math | Tags:

The next Carnival of Mathematics will be hosted here on Sunday 28th Decemeber and so I am in need of submissions.  The usual carnival submission form has not been set up yet so you can either email me or post your submission(s) in the comments.  I will be supressing the publication of all comments to this post so it won’t spoil the show.

Since this carnival will be the last one in 2008 I thought I would change the format slightly and ask for not only your most recent mathematical posts but also your favourite posts from the previous 12 months.  Also, feel free to nominate other people’s articles that you particularly enjoyed over the past year (but please make it clear to me that this is what you are doing).

Let’s try and make this one the Carnival of the year!

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