Nominations for the 2008 Eddies

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A friend of mine pointed out that I haven’t yet made any nominations for this year’s Edublog awards so here they are.

My nomination for the Best Resource Sharing Blog 2008 is The Teaching College Math Technology Blog which is written by Maria Andersen.  The amount of technology that can be applied to teaching in mathematics is truly staggering from Mathematica through to technologies such as GraphPad, Windows 7, Interactive Tables and Jing.  Maria not only informs us of these technologies but she actually uses them in her teaching and reports on the results – what works, what doesn’t, what is useful and what could be made better.  With so much cool stuff to play with, it almost makes me wish I was a Maths teacher.

My other nomination is for the Best Group Blog 2008 and the nominee is 360.  360 is an unofficial Blog of the Nazareth College Math Department in Rochester, New York and it offers a wide range of interesting mathematical tidbits.  I find myself returning to 360 again and again since they manage to simulatenously entertain and inform on the subject of mathematics.  For example – in the last month alone they have written articles on (among other things) Copernicus, geometry puzzles, kenKen, Pythagorean Triples and how fourier transforms were used to answer questions about a song by the Beatles.  Quite simply – one of my favourite maths blogs.

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    Thanks Mike!

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    Wow — thank you! :D