Getting physical with mathematics using MATLAB

March 26th, 2011 | Categories: matlab, programming | Tags:

My passions include mathematics, mathematical software and gadgets.  So, I instantly fell in love with the LED Cube.  The programming was done in C but MATLAB was used for some of the prototyping.

If you prefer something more physical then how about the MATLAB-controlled 3D function machine?

MATLAB function machine

Perhaps you prefer a more retro, aural kind of a vibe? MATLAB-controlled carol singing dot-matrix printers anyone?

Update: In case it isn’t clear.  None of the three projects above are my work, they are other people’s work!  I just think they are cool!

Want to have a play?
If you’d like to use MATLAB as a way into physical computing then maybe the following resources will help you.  I don’t think that they were used in the projects above but if I were to start playing with such things then I probably begin with one of these.

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