Seth on Simulink – a new Mathworks blog

February 29th, 2008 | Categories: matlab | Tags:

I love playing around with computer algebra software, which is useful since supporting them is part of my day job, and I also love reading well written blogs that offer little tidbits of advice and interesting examples. Fairly recently, the companies and groups that actually produce the software have started writing blogs.

Of these, some of my favorites include Doug’s Pick of the Week (Mathworks’ Matlab), Wolfram’s Blog (Mathematica), Loren on the Art of MATLAB, and the Sage Math blog.

The Mathworks’ have just launched a new one, Seth on Simulink, which looks like it has got real potential. Simulink is a part of Matlab that has been on my ‘stuff to learn’ list for a while now and so I look forward to reading what Seth has to say about it.

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