Carnival of Mathematics – The Next Generation

March 20th, 2012 | Categories: Carnival of Math | Tags:

For the last two years or so I have been doing the administration for The Carnival of Mathematics (CoM) and have had a lot of fun doing so.  I first took over for carnival 59 (written by Jason Dyer and hosted over at NumberWarrior) and did the admin right up until number 84 which was published back in December 2011 by Guillermo Bautista (see here and here for some history).

Recently, however, I have struggled to find the time to give the CoM the attention it deserves and so it is time to hand over the baton.  Thankfully, some very able hands have taken it from me and I am happy to announce that Peter Rowlett, Katie Steckles and Christian Perfect will be taking care of business from now on.  Submissions for Carnival 85 are already open.

I’ll still be around, blogging as usual here at WalkingRandomly and hosting the occasional Carnival myself but the carnival is now being cared for by the next generation.  Submit something and give them a great welcome.

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